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The Farm by the critically acclaimed author of Gettysburg by Morning

A timely debate on women's rights and abortion. A unique and nostalgic study of Southern America following World War II. A dramatic mother/daughter conflict. In The Farm, Olaf "Ollie" Weber, a wounded Nazi prisoner of war, escapes a POW camp in Tennessee intent on assassinating President Truman. Ginger "Snaps" Wright accidentally helps Ollie elude prison guards, and when confronted, he rapes and impregnates the wannabe actress, who must then choose between Hollywood and motherhood. Finally, after years of shortages and suffering, it's time to dream big, and the Wright family, "Snaps," her mother Mary Lou, Uncle, and sisters Millie and Anne face tumultuous societal and economic changes. But the family must also grieve the loss of Millie's hero husband, Stanley, and help her find a way to find new meaning in her life. A battlefield medic, Stanley was one of the eighty-four victims of the Nazi war crime; the Massacre at Malmedy. The Farm is an exciting new story from the author of the critically acclaimed literary historical novel Gettysburg by Morning.

Gettysburg By Morning

Eloise Jacobson celebrates the Fourth of July, 1861, by delivering a rousing speech, calling for war against the South. She inspires her brother to enlist, but he decides to run instead, and she takes his place. As a result, Eloise becomes one of over 200 documented cases of women served in the Civil War.